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With an impressive 15-year legacy in the fitness industry, The Strong Team is committed to providing transformative coaching experiences that empower your youth to become strong, healthy, and confident.
A dynamic class that helps 4-5 year olds develop their gross and fine motor skills, as well as their physical and mental abilities.

As your child’s age level’s up (6-8) so does the class! Movement is an introduction to physical fitness training, nutrition basics, improving body awareness, grip & pulling strength, speed, balance, agility, coordination and confidence.

Peak is a transformative class for those ages 9-12 as they are starting to hit growth spurts. It improves bone density, enhances motor skills, and maintain a healthy body composition.

Perform is for 13 and older youth where their physical and mental maturity is becoming more prominent. Maximize your child’s ability to develop speed, strength, coordination and mental well-being.

In our tech-driven world,we recognize the struggle to keep kids active

At Strong Fitness, Performance & Ninja, we’ve crafted an environment where children learn to move skillfully while still enjoying themselves!
Child Performance

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Our youth will build a foundation of physical fitness that will allow them to live a life of limitless possibilities


Our unique approach will grow your child's physical fitness and confidence in themselves


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Amazing Results

"Love, love, love Strong Fitness!  Their youth movement class is great for my boys, the coaches and staff are friendly and professional.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  They also have a fun photo booth to take pictures of yourself!"
Anthony de Manicor
“Hands down the best gym for your kids! Highly recommend this Gym! My son absolutely loves it!
“If you have to choose ONE after school activity, this is the one! There's no way to go wrong at Strong. Their staff is amazing, they are very friendly and make you feel at home. The classes they offer are very good quality and you can tell the coaches love their job! My kids always want to go and its a nice place to work while they play or even have a coffee with a friend"

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