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With an impressive 15-year legacy in the fitness industry, The Strong Team is committed to providing transformative coaching experiences that empower our members to become strong, healthy, and confident.
5,000+ Youth Members have joined and Counting!
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Active Play add-on available for $25 for siblings not in class.
Active Play add-on available for $25 for siblings not in class.





Every additional membership after the first will be 40% off. Hightest priced membership pays the full price.


2 adults and 2+ kids
First Adult (Full Price)
Second Adult (40% off)
First Child (40% off)
Additonal Children:
  • 1x/WK (FREE)
  • 2x/WK – +$25
  • 3x/WK – +$50
First Adult (Full Price)
Second Adult (40% off)
First Child (40% off)
Additonal Children:
  • 1x/WK (FREE)
  • 2x/WK – +$25
  • 3x/WK – +$50
The Strong Youth Fitness Program
Youth Class Development
Youth Class Development


Fun and Run
A dynamic class that helps 4-5 year olds develop their gross and fine motor skills, as well as their physical and mental abilities.
  • Build Confidence & learn teamwork 
  • Learn human movement with body weight exercises and structured play 
  • Develop coordination and balance with the basics of gymnastics and ninja 
  • Structured Games focused on Hand/Eye coordination & Neurological Development 
Basic introduction to understanding food and types. Healthy food makes you strong and happy!
Experience the excitement of growth and learning in a fun-filled environment. Introduce and develop Childrens gross and fine motor skills, as well as their physical and mental abilities. Teaches the joy of an active lifestyle, fostering confidence and a solid Strong Fitness Foundation of movement.


Child Playing Movements
As your child’s age level’s up so does the class! Movement is an introduction to physical fitness training, nutrition basics, improving body awareness, grip & pulling strength, speed, balance, agility, coordination and confidence.
  • Introduction to youth physical fitness  
  • Skill acquisition of human movement patterns, gymnastics/ninja, speed/agility 
  • Fun Conditioning through sleds, bodyweight exercises, jumps and ropes. 
  • Character building and introduction of individual and team competitive challenges 
What is healthy food and why do we need it? The Healthy vs Not Healthy food test.
Your child will unlock their potential as our coaches begin to refine your child’s human and athletic movement and build a Strong Fitness Foundation to last them a lifetime. Enhance cognitive function, physical preparedness, and cardiovascular capacity as your child discovers their potential.


Peak Transformative Class
Peak is a transformative class for those ages 9-12 as they are starting to hit growth spurts. It improves bone density, enhances motor skills, and maintain a healthy body composition.
  • Aim to perfect human movements to reach our peak 
  • Enhance the skills learned previously with load, speed and complexity 
  • Introduction to barbell movements and foundational lifting 
  • Emphasis on sport mechanics, speed and agility coursework  
Eating healthy food helps me sleep and perform better! What are the macros & what not to eat?
A greater emphasis on body awareness & control, fine-tuning technique in barbell & sport movement patterns. Our seasoned coaches prioritize a foundation of good movement, gradually adding complexity over time with appropriate loading and odd object lifting to add to their Strong Fitness Foundation.


Child Performance
Perform is for 13 and older youth where their physical and mental maturity is becoming more prominent. Maximize your child’s ability to develop speed, strength, coordination and mental well-being.
  • Expression of human movement at its highest level 
  • Master the barbell, achieve remarkable results, and increase load over time. 
  • Utilize learned skills to their and reach maximum potential.  
  • Sprints, change of direction, squats, hinges, push, pull, gymnastics, ninja.  
Truly understanding the importance of nutrition and lifestyle on human performance and longevity. How to balance meals, when to eat and how to eat to fuel performance.
Mastered Barbell and Sport Movement Techniques. This class allows our youth to continue into multiple roads of training for sport, fitness, or life with our unwavering focus on injury prevention, mental tenacity.
If your child is participating in a youth class, we require a parent or guardian to remain in our facility throughout the duration of the class. We also require any medications your child has been prescribed by a doctor to be on hand during the class.

Parents train for FREE in one of our open gym areas when your child is participating in a Youth Class!

Our youth fitness program isn't merely a series of exercise routines

it's a strategic approach addressing :

Envision it as a life-long investment, establishing a solid athletic base that will bolster your child’s journey from grade school through high school and even into their adult years.
Passion for Fitness

Passion for Fitness

Cultivating a positive attitude, teamwork and a life-long passion for fitness.
Robust Foundation

Robust Foundation

Developing a robust foundation of physical fitness.
Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Developing muscular support for enhanced injury prevention.
Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Teaching the proper nutrition, mechanics and techniques applicable in everyday life and sports.
Youth Platinum Sessions
Want the opportunity for more attention, repetitions and offer more flexibility in scheduling with our full-time staff at Strong?
Our Youth Platinum Sessions may be more suited for you!


best and most efficient path for those
who are serious about developing:

Partner with your coach for your
kid’s fitness journey.

Speciality Group Classes


Ninja Level Two
Class based on skill level for any age who aspires to compete like a Ninja Warrior.
Get ready for:


Introducing youth lifters to the sport of power lifting by:
If athletes learn the safe technical execution of exercises and optimal movement patterns then loading can be utilized more effectively in later stages of life.


Olympic Weightlifting
To be successful in the highest level of any sport, athletes need to reach their maximal levels of STRENGTH, POWER, and SPEED.
We have qualified and accompanied lifters to the:

Our program is centered on

Four main objectives:


Foundation of Good Movement

Having witnessed thousands of movement repetitions, Our seasoned coaches, focus on efficiency—doing something well, not just merely doing it. We EDUCATE and enforce what it means to master the basics, gradually adding complexity over time. We believe “A Strong Foundation will last a lifetime,” highlighting the importance of high standards of movement quality.


Human Performance

At Strong, we cultivate a positive, challenging environment that INSPIRES our youth to confront and conquer adversity. We use scientific principles to progressively refine our program, from mechanics to explosiveness, strength, and stability. Our goal is to nurture a competitive spirit, leading to increased self-improvement and motivation to excel.


Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Our coaches EDUCATE and guide our youth on the significance of nutrition, proper sleep, and stress management. We believe that teaching these essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle at an early age sets a solid foundation for lifelong wellness.


Injury Prevention:

Our priority is nurturing resilience—”the ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” This trait extends to both physical and mental aspects of development. Our training and concern is a testament of our CARE for each individual, and we’re dedicated to fostering long-lasting health and movement, hence our motto, “Immediate Results are not guaranteed but lifelong habits are.”


The cornerstone of our program is LEADERSHIP. We firmly believe that it’s equally essential to know how to lead as it is to be led. We offer group training for the benefit of teamwork and healthy competition, as well as individual training for focused growth. Our mission is to inspire and empower.


Our goal is to CARE, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE the next generation with the knowledge, skills, and habits necessary to thrive not only during their youth but well into adulthood. Join us at Strong in building the NEXT GENERATION of STRONG YOUTH and their journey to optimal health, confidence, and success!

You are not just a number to us! 

Strong is changing the market.

Our busy lifestyles demand more and more of us. We ensure that you are reaching your goals through our comprehensive programs, nutritional framework and give valuable opportunites to build relationships with those around us. 

As a member of Strong, you are getting more than just a gym membership. You get a staff of fitness, ninja, and nutrition experts at your disposal.

Strong Pillars

Injury Preventions


“The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” This quality can be applied to both physical and mental development. It is rooted in our first pillar, CARE. Training can be challenging, but it comes from a place of love and caring about each and every individual who comes through our doors.


The phrase, “Slow cook the process,” means that lifelong quality is not established overnight. Longevity is resilience over time. This takes consistency and frequency, but it leads to long-term, profound progress.


Seasons are long and exhausting. We train the body and mind to be able to withstand this. By the time athletes are in the thick of a competitive sports season, it is too late to build the armor that makes one athlete rise when the rest are falling off. It is built in the off-season and maintained year long.

Trainer Educating kids
Foundation of movement


There is a difference between being able to do something and being able to do something well. Efficiency is everything. We have coaches who have seen thousands of repetitions of movement in every level of development. We help athletes learn the best way to move so that they can focus on optimizing sports skills and decision-making.

Simple To

The greatest athletes in the world make unbelievably complex tasks look easy. This is because they do very simple things incredibly well. We master the basics of movement for everyone at every level of development and then layer on complexity over time.

Strong Foundation

It starts with a foundation. Learn how to run, jump, and land. Learn how and why we have high standards of movement quality. A sturdy framework is an advantage that lasts a lifetime!

Sports performance

Positive Culture

We lead by example. We create an environment that is both positive and challenging. It provides the opportunity for our athletes to overcome adversity and make the choice to be stronger, better, and faster when it is no longer easy to do so.


We use science-based research principles to teach and progress every facet of athleticism. We are always trying to improve our mechanics while still building explosiveness, strength, and stability. When athletes receive positive feedback for their hard-earned improvement, it often leads to an increased drive to compete with themselves and others.


It is equally important to learn how to lead AND be led. Kids learn through their peers and mentors. We have both group training and individual training to allow for the social benefit of teamwork and healthy competition. We always strive to inspire through empowerment. Strength is never a weakness!

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