What is Strong to You?

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What is Strong to You?

Strong didn’t start with any grandiose idea of changing people’s lives and protecting their health and wellness. We started working out in a garage with friends. The workouts were fun and brought us a small glimmer of competition that mimicked our glory days of high school sports. That was my story and that is what drew me in, but everyone in that garage of 2008 had their own story and journey. Ultimately, everyone got results from a physical and psychological standpoint. That was the start of the story that sparked what Strong is today.

I vividly remember when I wanted to start CrossFit Strong, and it had nothing to do with physical transformation but everything to do with psychological change of those working out with me. I started to notice a new confidence and energy from my friends. It clearly started to carry over into their social and professional lives. I didn’t know why this change was happening but I just knew it was. It was over the next few weeks that I decided to put my full-time job on hold and pursue what this new business would look like.

Over the next few years and even today, I am still learning the depth and impact that CrossFit, nutrition & the Strong Community (fam-uh-Lee) would have on the thousands of lives that have gone through these doors. It’s when we applied the nutritional and fitness principles founded by CrossFit that we really started HELPING others and protecting ourselves from sickness, disease, and other psychological “nuances”.  

Physical transformation was only the tip of the iceberg, but seeing the emotional and psychological change continues to drive me and the team. As we added & expanded our health and fitness regimens, Strong continues to positively impact our friends and family members.

It all started by doing a simple workout that HELPED a friend build confidence in himself and evolved into a lifestyle of true health & fitness.  In today’s commercial market, it is easy to get distracted by immediate results and impact; but Strong is here for you and your families long term well being.

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