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Domain Change – Strong.Fitness & Social Handles

Dear Fam-uh-Lee,

We hope this email finds you energized and ready for some incredible news! We are thrilled to share a momentous update that will take our commitment to fitness and health to new heights. As our business has grown and will expand beyond the Dallas area, we wanted to have a domain and social handles that better represents our commitment to health and fitness.
Exciting News: Elevating our commitment to fitness and health with a new domain and social handles as we expand beyond Dallas.
Introducing our new domain, reflecting our commitment to fitness and empowering individuals worldwide.
Drumroll, please… *insert drumroll sound effect* We are thrilled to unveil our brand-new domain and Handles: https://strong.fitness and @strongfitnessperformance! These new descriptions reflect our dedication to helping people achieve their fitness & life goals, no matter where they are located. It also aligns with our mission to promote healthy lifestyles and empower families and individuals to become their strongest selves.
Despite the change in domain name, our pillars of care, educate, and inspire remain paramount to everything we do. We are committed to providing the same level of care and attention to our customers, and we will continue to educate and inspire our fam-uh-lee to lead healthier lives.
Please note that all our existing content, products, and services will still be available through our new domain. You do not need to take any action, as all of our links and bookmarks will automatically redirect to https://strong.fitness.
Merging our youth Instagram accounts, uniting our youth initiatives for a stronger, more cohesive future ahead.
Our youth Instagram accounts are merging for a stronger future. Stay tuned as we evolve to better serve your family’s needs.
On that same note, we are also merging our youth Instagram accounts into one unified account. @strongninjadallas and @strongyouthdallas will now be @strongyouthtraining. This will create a unified online presence that brings together the best of both worlds and prepares the path for the future of our youth-focused initiatives.
Stay tuned for more information as we continue to evolve our youth program to serve your family’s needs.
Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing to serve you at https://strong.fitness , @StrongYouthTraining, @strongweightlifting, @strongfitnessperformance.
Gale and Ashley Yocom & The Strong Team
Strong Fitness Performance & Ninja

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