Weightlifting Fundamentals

Weightlifting Fundamentals Class

We are excited to bring you a class dedicated to the tried and true fundamentals of Olympic weightlifting technique! Learn how to snatch, clean and jerk with confidence.

Here is the rundown:

When:  Monday & Wednesday
Time:  6:45-7:45 PM

Details: This class operates like a Crossfit class with a designated start time, group warm up, movement practice, and end time. No prior lifting experience is needed – this is a beginner/fundamental class. Learn the lifts from scratch or improve upon what you already know for more experienced athletes. Lifts will be broken down into their parts and athletes will work through lift progressions appropriate to their current level, with an emphasis on positions needed for successful lifts AND the mobility work needed to get there. Form and technique are the highest priority!

Drop-in format:  If you miss a class, it’s not the end of the world! Lifts and emphasis will rotate so it is not the same lift every single Monday (for example).

How to register:  Fill out the Strong Advisor Request form 

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