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Kickstart 2024 with a 60 Day Fitness Challenge unlike ever before! Get ready for more STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, MORE MOVING in classes, burning calories, and SIMPLE METHODS to deliver results.  
January 2, 2024 – March 2, 2024
How Much
$25 per participant for prizes and new gym equipment
How To Participate:
Step 1: Register Here
Step 2: Track your body metrics

Record your numbers on Day 1, 30, and 60 using equipment at the gym or home. (body weight &body fat %)
Measuring more than 3 times during the challenge disqualifies you from the prizes.
Participants will receive 50% off a Dexa-scan from Dexafit if they choose do so.

Step 3: Take a photo of front, side, and back profiles.
  • Photos will be stored in their personal devices.
  • Day 1 – Take “Before” Photos
  • Day 60 – Take “After” photos
Step 4: Attend Class
Make sure you check-in for class. Consistency is a key component
Step 5: Fill out meal plan survey
Get your nutrition meal plan for you on Evolution Nutrition that is tailored to your goals and body type
“Strong Heart” Award: Given to the member who shows the most overall consistency, enthusiasm, and dedication to the program.
  • Nominated by the fam-uh-lee
  • Coaches will cast their vote and the team will unanimously choose a winner.
  • Must attend 36 classes to be eligible.
  • Prize: $250 (3 winners)
Calorie Madness – Members will accumulate as many calories as possible over 60 days and will win a prize respective to the “Tier” they reach.
  • Criteria - Calories must be done at Strong and can be done on a rower, assault bike, or Ski-erg (CHRISTMAS PRESENTS)
  • Tracking - Members will track their calories on Sugarwod and are required to take a picture of their monitor in the app (input into the notes section)
Calorie Tiers
  • 1st Tier = 10k Calories Earned (Free Strong Shirt)
  • 2nd Tier= 15k Calories Earned  (Shirt + $50 Café)
  • 3rd Tier = 20K Calories Earned (Shirt + $50 Café + Barbell)
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