MOTM – Nov. 2021 – The Robert Family

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The Robert Family have been an absolute JOY to have at Strong

They are a true inspiration and fully embrace what it means to live the modern active lifestyle. We asked them a few questions so they could give us insight on what Strong means to them and their family. Check out what they had to say below!

1. How long have you been doing Ninja?

I think we’ve been coming here for about 3 years

2. What is your occupation (yourself and husband)? 

I oversee the clinical operations for a healthcare company (Neuromonitoring and physician assistants). 

My husband has a construction company and an investment company- he buys, he flips, he rents. 

3. Where are you from? 

I’m from Albuquerque, Jake is form Rhode Island with about 7 other states he’s lived in before landing here in Texas. And we LOVE Texas! 

4. How did you hear about Strong Fitness?

Drove by one day

5. In what ways have you seen yourself (and kids) change – mentally or physically – since being a part of Strong? 

My kids have grown in confidence, character, discipline, and strength for sure! (Man they can hang on a bar FOR-E-VER)… Sandlot anyone?? 

One day I’m going to sum up the courage to do a CrossFit class myself at Strong. My husband and I love to play with the kids at Strong …trying stuff out ourselves and of course dodgeball. I love any opportunity to make memories with the kids- to have fun with them and just to play with them. 

6. What is your kid’s favorite part of ninja training?  

My favorite part is the community. Every coach loves on my kids-teaches them- coaches them- challenges them- and inspires them. I love that they are seen. I love that they know they are seen at Strong. 

The kids I think love different things. Hannah loves to race and compete. Zion as well- and he loves to play soccer with other boys (kid with 3 sisters is always up for some time to play with other boys his age). Lucy loves to run and climb up as high as she can. And Ella loves to swing and hang as much as possible. 

7. What are some of your goals that you have for yourself/ kids in the next year? 

I want to sign the kids up so they can start doing ninja competitions. I want them to learn how to win, learn how to lose, learn how hard work can pay off, and learn how to grow. 

8. Could you describe how you see Strong differ from other gyms? 

The culture. it’s super evident to me the focus and intent on community and family….this promotes a culture that is different. Strong notices when we don’t show up over a weeks time. We know we are part of Strong. Family is huge for us and I feel like at Strong it’s valued and promoted. Keep building what y’all are building- it makes a difference!! 

9. How can other people relate to your story?  

At the most basic level- busy working mom with 4 kids…Strong is a safe positive healthy environment my kids experience every week. It’s in ONE LOCATION and there’s something for all 4 kids at the same time. I can’t be 4 places at once and at Strong the basic needs are met of physician activity, structure, discipline, personal growth and development, and challenges to overcome. 

10. What is your most memorable moment here?  

It’s less of an individual moment and more of the daily things that happen every time we come in…my kids run in and want hugs from their coaches. The coaches and staff all know their names and care about them. I get greeted with a warm hello and by name every time I show up. I watch the staff have conversations with the kids- listen to them and the kids just light up to be heard and to be valued.  

I love Strong and am so thankful to get to be a part of this community
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