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Over 10 years ago, Strong started in my garage in Addison, TX as one of the original CrossFit boxes in DFW. We have grown into an 18k sq. ft. facility. Our team and services have adapted throughout the years; but one thing has remained the same, our passion to provide an active & healthy lifestyle to anyone walking through our doors.

Our fam-uh-lee (members) has always been our priority. We started using the word fam-uh-lee 8 years ago to represent our community, customers, and their families. Strong was a second home and safe place for a countless number in DFW. Our cornerstones were fam-uh-lee & fitness. Our pillars in which we operate are Care. Educate. Inspire and will be used as we progress into STRONG 3.0

In 2017, we began to expand our offerings to include CrossFit, Studio Fitness, Strength, Olympic, Nutrition Coach and Youth Sport Specific training. Our expansion was in large part an effort to attract as many as possible to share & educate the importance of nutrition & exercise to our health.

My family has grown through the years to include a beautiful wife (Ashley), 4 kids (Alex, Grayson, Gage, Addison), and our dog (Gia). I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach our kids these values that Strong holds so dear. In 2019, our cornerstones are expanding to fam-uh-lee, fitness, & FUN!

Strong has recently acquired a local obstacle and fitness business called SOAR United. We are excited to have the solid foundation created by their previous owners and employees to build and merge into our future. Our homes will merge and go from Strong’s current 18k sq. ft. to the combine into Soar’s current 54k by end of summer. BOOM!

Over the next 90 days, we will be starting construction to buildout and improve showers, fitness room, Cafe/Coffee Shop, expanded obstacles & ground play, open gym training, shared workspace, and STAFF. We will be offering more programs and camps for all ages and as summer ends will be ready for our after school program to support our kids in education and healthy/active lifestyles.

You can keep updated on all the new offerings of Fam-uh-Lee, Fitness , & Fun by subscribing to our podcast here, instagrams accounts (Soar and Strong), or facebook (Soar and Strong).

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