Score Big this Summer at the Best Soccer Camp in Dallas Texas!

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Summer is almost here, and if your child loves soccer, then it’s time to lace up their cleats and hit the field and join the best soccer camp in Texas! Dallas Texas is home to some of the best soccer camps in the country, offering a range of programs to suit every skill level and interest. Whether your little one is a seasoned player or just starting out, there’s a soccer camp in Texas that’s perfect for them and that is Strong’s Soccer Camp 2023

In this post, we’ll show you why Strong’s Soccer Camp is the best soccer camp in Dallas Texas and what makes it stand out. From skill-building to teamwork to having fun. This soccer camp offer everything your child needs to score big this summer. So, grab a Gatorade and let’s get started!

About Strong Fitness Soccer Camp 2023

Strong Fitness Soccer Camp is a soccer camp in DFW that your child wouldn’t want to miss. It is developed by international pro coaches and players. The camp’s mission is to provide a safe, positive, and challenging environment where children can learn, grow, and have fun. 

The camp is divided into 2 different age groups – Strong Mini Strikers (4-5 years old) and Strong Strikers (6-12 years old). This ensures that each child is placed in a group that is appropriate for their needs. It also allows for individual attention and tailored instruction to help each child reach their potential. 

Mechanics of Strong's Soccer Camp 2023

Logistics & Registration:

Strong’s Soccer Camp 2023 is organized for parents’ convenience and simplicity in terms of logistics and registration. The camp will be open throughout the summer. Each age level has a different registration price for the Strong Fitness Soccer Camp in 2023. The costs, nevertheless, are reasonable and on par with those of comparable Texas soccer camps.   

Strong’s Soccer Camp 2023 registration is open to parents via the camp’s website or by dropping by at the Strong Fitness facility directly.

The dates, times, fees and inclusions are as follows:


  • Time: 8am-9am (Weekly Camp) 
  • Prices (includes shirt): 

Early Registration: $100 (Ends the Friday 5pm CST before the Week of Camp) 

  • Late Registration: $120 


  • Age: 6-12 (Will break into Groups) 
  • Time: 9am-12pm (Daily Camp) 
  • Daily Prices (includes shirt) 

Early Registration: $35 (Ends the Friday 5pm CST before the Week of Camp)
Late Registration: $40 

  • Add-On Price: 
  • Lunch & Strong Camp – $35 
    Time: 12PM- 3:30PM 
  • Lunch & Performance Training – 1 Day $45 
    1hr Speed, Agility, Strength Class (2-3)  
    Time:12pm – 3:30pm Pickup 
  • Sibling Discount: 
  • 10% OFF! – Discount is automatically calculated 

What Makes Strong's Soccer Camp 2023 Stand Out?

While there are many soccer camps available in Texas. Strong’s Soccer Camp 2023 stands out from the crowd due to its unique features and offerings. Here are a few notable aspects that make Strong’s Soccer Camp stand out:

Specialized Skill-based Training

One of the unique aspects of Strong’s Soccer Camp is the specialized training that it offers in aspects of the game. The camp’s coaches are experienced in providing individualized instruction to help each child improve their skills in specific areas. 

  • STRONG MINI STRIKERS  – Your kids will go on exhilarating soccer excursions in anything from the jungle to outer space. Thanks to the innovative program that our group of professional international coaches and players have created.

    Basic motor skills, balance, coordination, attention, active listening, and teamwork are all emphasized extensively in this camp’s program.”
  • STRONG STRIKERS – This daily soccer camp will be focused on enhancing your players footwork, teaching them to play without fear, and building confidence with the ball. Our goal is to help players learn and assist them to produce better performance on the field. The combination of 3v3/4v4 soccer fields mimic in-game action with the coaches direct feedback during each session.

    This camp also focuses on the psychological & philosophical aspects of player development. Our pro international coaches will not only teach but inspire and motivate young players to achieve on and off the field. We can’t wait to inspire the nest generation of athletes and help craft a well rounded and successful soccer players throughout their sporting careers.   


Soccer Camp Program Developed by International Pro Coaches and Players

Strong’s Soccer Camp frequently invites guest coaches to join their coaching staff. These coaches are often former professional players or coaches, and they provide valuable insights and instruction to camp participants. This is a great opportunity for children to learn from top-level coaches and players who have experience at the highest levels of the game. 

Positive Atmosphere

Finally, Strong’s Soccer Camp stands out for its positive, encouraging atmosphere. The coaching staff is dedicated to creating a fun and supportive environment where children feel comfortable learning and growing. This approach fosters a love of the game and encourages children to continue playing soccer beyond their time at the camp. 

The advantages of going to Strong's Soccer Camp 2023

Children may gain a lot from Strong Fitness’ Soccer Camp 2023, both on and off the soccer field. Here are just a few advantages that kids can get from going to this camp:  
  1. Improved Soccer skills: Children of all ability levels can enhance their soccer talents by attending Strong’s Soccer Camp. Children can sharpen their abilities on the field, improve their technique, and master new skills through specialized training and individualized teaching.

  2. Experience in Teamwork: Since soccer is a team activity, children who join Strong Fitness Soccer Camp gain important experience in functioning as a team. They will learn how to assist one another, communicate clearly with their teammates, and cooperate to accomplish a common objective.

  3. Participating in Strong Fitness’ soccer camp is a fantastic way for kids to make new friends. They will get the chance to meet new people who share their passion for soccer and form deep bonds that can endure past the camp.  

  4. Building Confidence: Participating in a soccer camp can help children build their confidence and self-esteem. As they improve their soccer skills and experience success on the field, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride that can carry over into other areas of their lives.  

  5. Having Fun: Finally, attending Strong Fitness Soccer Camp is simply a fun and enjoyable experience for children. They’ll get to spend time playing the game they love, learning new skills, and making new friends in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

Conclusion: Strong Fitness Soccer Camp 2023 is the best soccer camp in dallas texas

In this post, we’ve discussed Strong’s Soccer Camp 2023 and why it’s an excellent option for parents looking for summer soccer activities for their child. We’ve covered the soccer camp’s mission, program structure and curriculum, coaching staff qualifications, mechanics of the camp, unique features, and benefits of attending. 

Strong’s Soccer Camp offers a supportive and encouraging environment for children to improve their soccer skills, increase fitness levels, and develop valuable teamwork experience. It’s a great opportunity for children to make new friends and build their confidence while having fun playing the game they love. 

If you’re considering summer soccer activities for your child, we highly recommend Strong’s Soccer Camp 2023. The camp’s international pro coaching staff, unique features, and numerous benefits make it a top choice for parents and children alike. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to give your child a fun and rewarding summer camp experience. Register your child for Strong’s Soccer Camp 2023 today! 

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