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Endurance: The ability to withstand an unpleasant situation without giving in.


For every hard workout, there should be an easy workout. What is easy? Easy is easy. It should feel easy. In absolutes, a pace with a heart rate roughly around 120-150 BPM. In relative terms, a pace you could hold for hours; going at a conversational pace; RPE below 7.
Very simple, way too many benefits:

  • Increased mitochondrial density
  • Decrease in resting heart rate
  • Increase in Stroke Volume
  • Increase Cardiac Muscle Tissue Size
  • Increase in ability to clear hydrogen  ions
  • Increase in ability to use lactate as a fuel source
  • Increase in recovery by increase blood flow to tissues
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Meditation
  • the list goes on


If you are constantly going as hard as you can, your hard no longer becomes hard. Your high intensity no longer becomes intense. Your highest gear now only becomes 1 gear. We have many gears of pacing and need to learn to use them. Going easy will make your hard harder. It can make your intense be more intense. Generally people dislike long slow distance work. Why? Yes it is boring. It is mentally tough to keep going for that long. All the more reason people should do it. If you can get through the mental block of a 30 min grind workout, you’re next obstacle in life will be that much easier. Keep an open mind and you will experience not only the physiological benefits but also the psychological benefits of long slow distance training.

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