January 2024 Newsletter (2)

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Dear Strong Fitness Fam-Uh-Lee,
The holidays may be over, but your resolutions don’t have to be! Here at Strong, we’re still buzzing with the energy of fresh starts and new possibilities. And guess what? We’ve got the fuel to keep you burning brightly all year long.
Explore Our Holiday Promotions: Exclusive deals on memberships, gear, and more to help you achieve your fitness goals this season.
Don’t miss out on the chance to keep your new year goals in motion or host a party celebration you’ll never forget!

"PT For Me"

Exclusive special on all personal trainings services.

“The Done-For-You Party”

Book your party and receive 1 FREE month of active play!
Youth Class Highlight: Movement. Join us for an active adventure, engaging activities promoting coordination, agility, and fun for our young members.

What is “Movement”?

Movement class is one of Strongs most prominent youth classes developing kids between the ages of 6 and 8. In Movement, athletes can expect to engage in more complex movement patters that progresses strength, speed, and coordination in a way that is best suited for their age range and skill level. This progression sets them up for success and they grow older and find new ways to utilize their fitness whether that be in sport or life.
Empowering Youth Through Fitness and Teamwork: Discover our holistic approach, combining physical activity, teamwork, and mentorship for lifelong success.

Establishing a foundation of fitness and health for our youth is imperative to their development. Read on to find out how you can give your child the edge they need to succeed. 

Unleash Your Potential with $7 for 7 Days of Unlimited Adult/Youth Classes. Join our supportive community at Strong Fitness and conquer your fitness goals.

Experience a full week in any of Strong’s results driven programs today!

Become part of the Strong Fitness Team today and unlock the power of community support on your fitness journey with us.
Strong wants YOU! See how you can become a part of the Strong Family today!
1. Cafe Team
2.Camp Staff
3.Adult and Youth Coaches
Time is ticking! Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities.
Let’s make 2024 our STRONGEST year yet!
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Discover our holistic approach, fostering physical development, leadership skills, and camaraderie for lifelong success.Unlock the power of loaded carries: Boost strength, stability, and functional fitness with this effective routine addition.