Strong Youth Program Vision Statement

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With an impressive 15-year legacy in the fitness industry, The Strong Team is committed to providing transformative coaching experiences that empower our members to become strong, healthy, and confident. 
Our Strong Youth Program isn’t merely a series of exercise routines – it’s a strategic approach addressing common lifestyle habits, development challenges, and inefficient movement patterns prevalent in our youth. Envision it as a life-long investment, establishing a solid athletic base that will bolster your child’s journey from grade school through high school and even into their adult years. 
At Strong, we steadily challenge and advance our youth, inspiring them to unlock their utmost potential by:  
  • Developing a robust foundation of physical fitness. 
  • Cultivating a positive attitude, teamwork and a life-long passion for fitness. 
  • Building confidence, self-esteem, and resilience. 
  • Developing muscular support for enhanced injury prevention. 
  • Teaching the proper nutrition, mechanics and techniques applicable in everyday life and sports.  
Our program is centered on four main objectives:
Foundation of Good Movement:
Having witnessed thousands of movement repetitions, Our seasoned coaches, focus on efficiency—doing something well, not just merely doing it. We EDUCATE and enforce what it means to master the basics, gradually adding complexity over time. We believe “A Strong Foundation will last a lifetime,” highlighting the importance of high standards of movement quality.
Human Performance:
At Strong, we cultivate a positive, challenging environment that INSPIRES our youth to confront and conquer adversity. We use scientific principles to progressively refine our program, from mechanics to explosiveness, strength, and stability. Our goal is to nurture a competitive spirit, leading to increased self-improvement and motivation to excel.
Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Our coaches EDUCATE and guide our youth on the significance of nutrition, proper sleep, and stress management. We believe that teaching these essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle at an early age sets a solid foundation for lifelong wellness. 
Injury Prevention
Our priority is nurturing resilience—”the ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” This trait extends to both physical and mental aspects of development. Our training and concern is a testament of our CARE for each individual, and we’re dedicated to fostering long-lasting health and movement, hence our motto, “Immediate Results are not guaranteed but lifelong habits are.” 
The cornerstone of our program is LEADERSHIP. We firmly believe that it’s equally essential to know how to lead as it is to be led. We offer group training for the benefit of teamwork and healthy competition, as well as individual training for focused growth. Our mission is to inspire and empower.  
Our goal is to CARE, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE them with the knowledge, skills, and habits necessary to thrive not only during their youth but well into adulthood. Join us at Strong in building the NEXT GENERATION of STRONG YOUTH and their journey to optimal health, confidence, and success!
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