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Our goal at Strong is to provide a destination where those from all walks of life can thrive, recharge, and have an authentic sense of belonging.
We see the stresses of the world and the impact it’s having on those trying to just do their best for themselves and loved ones. Grocery budgets are still on the rise, gas prices seem to fluctuate by the hour, and let’s not even start on the cost of daycare. We feel it too and understand.
This is why we are making drastic improvements to our memberships so fun, fitness, and Strong can become even more accessible for families and individuals. We hope you like it!

Here are the details…
Adult Fitness
We are lowering the cost, introducing our new Standard discount model and simplifying our membership options to support you and your family…
How does this affect you?
  1. Current 12x per 4 week members will save up to $20 per membership and get an extra class per week.
  2. Current 16x per 4 week members will be upgraded to unlimited for the lower rate. #savings!
  3. Current Unlimited members keep their membership but will get the new lower rate. Booyah 
If you’d like to upgrade, please send us an email at and we will ensure you’re taken care of.
Youth Fitness
We are boosting the value of our current memberships by adding Unlimited Active Play to all Youth Memberships at no additional cost and introducing our new Standard Discount Model for multiple memberships!
Active Play add-on available for $25 for siblings not in class.
Strong Discounts and Family Packages:
Our new discount model for those who have multiple memberships and our Amazing Strong Fam-Uh-Lee Package.
New Youth classes:
Thursday 3/28 – PEAK class at 5 PM and PERFORM class at 6 PM.

Thursday 4/11 we will start new Ninja Level 2 classes at 5:15 PM and 6:15 PM.

One important note, we need to add age restrictions to our new and existing Ninja Level 2 classes to offer the best experience possible for coaches and members.

Our Tuesday/Thursday 5:15 PM – 9- 12-year-olds. Our Tuesday/ Thursday 6:15 PM Class will be for 13–15-year-olds.
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